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Background on Conny Mathôt's Bio Page, Founder and Director of California Dance Classics. Ballet
Conny Mathot talking to young dancers at California Dance Classics Ballet Competition. On Stage

                                                       BA, CDTA, RAD

Recognized throughout the Dance Industry for her success as Choreographer, Instructor, Dancer, Judge, Entrepreneur.

Conny was driven and captivated with ballet from the moment she put on her first pair of ballet slippers. Her love of dance started at the early age of 4, competing as a Soloist, and she hasn’t strayed from dance since. By her late teens it was clear what her life path would be; Dance.

Conny’s dance career has taken her from her birthplace of Australia to the US, Asia, England, and many other regions of Europe. Conny has found great reward throughout her vast career. Whether as a Dance Studio Owner/Director, Performer, or Choreographer, she has always stayed connected to her love of the art.

Conny created a choreographic portfolio which spans the globe, receiving the highest accolades for her work in numerous productions, academic settings, and dance competitions. As an award-winning choreographer, Conny has been frequently invited to stage dance works at the McCallum Theater Choreography Festival. She has also twice been the recipient of 1st place award at the “Dancing Under the Stars” Choreography Competition, seven time award winner of Outstanding Choreographer at Youth American Grand Prix, and many other recognized competition events.

As a teacher, Conny has proven to have a natural ability to recognize and utilize the strengths of her dancers. She has worked in a variety of dance styles and environments. Some include; Teaching formalized dance techniques in private studios, constructing and implementing instructional programs at College level, designing Movement and Dance programs in both public and private schools, taught Master Classes, Judged multiple dance competitions and festivals.

But as always, her true passion has been to guide aspiring dancers and promote the art of Ballet. Conny has mentored countless students, and many currently work professionally in Classical Ballet Companies, Musicals, and commercial ventures.

Her reputation is, and has always been, that of integrity and a strong unbendable work ethic. Her experience has shown her the good and bad of the dance competition industry. Natural progression has brought Conny to where she is today…

Built on a foundation of passion for the art, integrity, and empowering young dancers, Conny has delivered a new and higher standard: California Dance Classics.

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