Scholarship Awards


At live events, an on-stage Classical Ballet Master Class will be held for each Solo age group.


Executed with the utmost care, and instructed by our highly-revered, top-tier Judges, our Master Classes are a positive and enriching experience for participating dancers. Individualized, constructive, and motivating attention is imperative to our philosophy of education and inspiration.


Not only are our Master Classes highly instructional, they also serve as a means through which our participants can be selected for scholarship opportunities through our Scholarship Awards.


It is compulsory Soloists attend the Master Class associated with their respective age group and wear their designated California Dance Classics Master Class number.


Teachers are welcome to observe the Master Classes, however, the classes are closed to parents and the general public.

California Dance Classics Master Class
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Scholarship Awards

California Dance Classics Scholarship Awards is a merit-based scholarship opportunity that enables young dancers to attend some of the most prestigious dance establishments across the United States; in the form of Summer Intensives, Short-Stay Programs, Year-Round Academic Programs, and Trainee Position Placements. In partnership with these esteemed dance Conservatories and Institutions, we are able to facilitate scholarship opportunities to individual dance students for the purpose of furthering their pre-professional dance education. It is first-rate experiences such as these that prepare young dancers to succeed in a professional dance career.

California Dance Classics is thrilled to work in partnership with Joffrey Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet, Ballet West, Milwaukee Ballet, Orlando Ballet, The Harid Conservatory, Kansas City Ballet, New Ballet, Houston Ballet, and University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

In addition to opportunities at the aforementioned establishments, California Dance Classics partners with Dance Arts Foundation, a non-profit arts organization, for the purpose of offering monetary funds to specific, highly-deserving students. These funds are to be used toward participation in a future California Dance Classics event or relevant furthering of the student’s dance education.

For in-person events, all Solo competitors will be eligible and carefully considered for the Scholarship Awards. Selection of Award recipients shall be geared toward those Solo performers who, during Master Class and on-stage performance, demonstrate the ability to become future professional dancers. In addition, general conduct, respect for dance, work ethic, and attitude toward fellow dancers will be noted.


For virtual events, the aforementioned qualities will also be considered for dancers who specifically register for the Scholarship Awards component.All entrants are eligible to participate in the virtual setting. In this case, the administration of scholarship opportunities will be based on a set of formal Classical Ballet exercises provided by California Dance Classics for each age group; a link to designated exercises will be sent once Registration Fees have been paid. 

Nominations of specific students by Dance Teachers or Directors are welcome, but not necessary, and will be accepted until the relevant competition closing date. Teachers must email to request a nomination form. The names of nominated students will not be disclosed to the public. Teachers/Directors are requested to keep the name of the nominee private and are not to disclose a nominated student’s name to any person (including the nominee) or organization other than CDC.

Scholarships are awarded at the sole discretion of the Faculty of such establishments and CDC reserves the right to not offer scholarships at any given event.

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Scholarship Award Winners - San Diego 2019

Scholarship Partners 

Scholarships awarded at California Dance Classics Competitions enable young dancers to attend some of the most prestigious dance establishments across the country; in the form of Summer Intensives, Short Stay Programs, Year Round Academic and Trainee Position placement. 

Together we are able to provide young dancers access to first-rate educational experiences that prepare them to succeed in a professional dance career.