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Paula graduated from Otis Parsons Fine Art & Design College receiving a BFA and Designer of the Year Award. 

Bob Mackie hired Paula right after graduation as his design assistant and was fortunate to work with many entertainers and celebrities with Mr. Mackie.

Paula went on to create and manufacture her own line of handmade Children’s clothing and accessories, Matilda & Co., est. 1997. After retiring her business, Paula met Conny Mathôt through her daughter Penelope, thru her ballet classes. Paula believed so much in Conny’s vision of a new type of Dance Competition she joined California Dance Classics’ team to further Ms. Mathôt’s vision of a fair and educational event with the focus being on the dancer and their experience at a California Dance Classics Competition.

Paula Corley and daughter Penelope Schulman at CDC Gala. California Dance Classics Management Team
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