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Alexander Greshenko, Bio, Judge at California Dance Classics Dance Competitions. Ballet Soloist

Born in Moscow, he began his dance training at the age of ten at the prestigious Moscow Choreographic School, where his teacher was Igor Uksusnikov, former soloist with the Bolshoi and Kirov Ballet.


After graduating with the highest honors, he was invited to join the Bolshoi Ballet, where Alexander performed as soloist for 9 years. He danced the entire classical repertoire as well as many contemporary works. While at the Bolshoi, he trained under the great Russian teacher Asaf Messerer, and danced in many ballet productions such as original ballets of Vladimir Vasiliev, and Ekaterina Maximova.


In addition to his career as a soloist with the Bolshoi, Alexander was also recognized for his talents as a musician (classical pianist and flamenco guitarist), and performed occasionally as a musician with the Bolshoi Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble of the Bolshoi Orchestra.

While a soloist with Bolshoi, Alexander toured the United States, Central and South America, Japan, Australia, and other counties worldwide. In 1989, Alexander joined the Princeton Ballet as a principal. From 1990-92 he was a celebrated Guest Artist with the Los Angeles Classical Ballet.


Having established himself in the United States as an internationally known Ballet Artist, Alexander remains a popular Guest Instructor at many Universities, Colleges, and Ballet Schools throughout the United States and Europe.

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