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Rules & Requirements: Virtual

Video submission deadline for International Virtual Competition: November 4, 2024

Livestream dates for International Virtual Competition: November 22 - 23, 2024

Competition is open to all amateur dancers under the age of 21.
An amateur dancer, a non-professional, is defined by California Dance Classics (CDC) as: Any person who is not currently engaging in and has never engaged in dance or given dance instruction as a primary source of monetary income.

Secure your entry by paying your Registration Fee:

  • In order to secure your entry in the selected CDC competition, your Registration Fee must be paid. Once the Registration Fee has been received, you will be recorded as an attending competitor.   

  • Registration will be closed once maximum capacity has been reached.

  • In order to receive the Scholarship Class via email, Registration Fee must be paid.


Virtual Competition Registration Fee:

  • Soloist Registration Fee – $25.00 per dancer

  • Non Soloist Registration Fee - $10.00 per dancer (participating in Ensemble, Pas de deux, Duet, Trio)

       Note: Soloists who are also participating in additional sections are exempt from paying the non soloist registration fee.

Virtual Competition Entry Fee:

  • Solo – $75 for each solo

  • Pas de Deux – $65 per dancer

  • Duet/Trio – $40 per dancer

  • Ensemble Fee – $30 per dancer or $240.00 per ensemble (whichever is the least amount) 

Entry Details:

  • Spelling & entry details must be accurate & fully provided to your Registration Page.

  • On your Registration Main Menu page complete, 

  • Step 1: Create/Manage dancers.              

  • Step 3: Register for Competition.

  • Step 4: Check Balance/Payment Information.        

  • Note: Step 2: Manage/Upload Your Music is not required for virtual events.

Performance Video Details:

  • Videos must be recorded for California Dance Classics Competition.

  • Due to copyright constraints, videos recorded at other competitions cannot be accepted.


  • Videos should be slated by the performer: name, age, title of dance. Additionally, a brief personal message is welcome.        

  • End each performance video with a reverence.

  • Videos should include: full shot of dancer’s body at all times and an unedited take of the entire performance.

  • Submitted videos must be recorded in a studio or on-stage and should be current (recorded no earlier than January 1, 2024). Please note: it would be in your dancers’ best interest to submit recently recorded footage in order to receive feedback that pertains to their most current skill level.

  • Costumes are optional. Simple dance attire is also welcomed. Participants will not be judged on costume but will be judged on grooming and appropriate attire.

  • All videos must be uploaded by November 4, 2024.

  • Dances may either to be uploaded to YouTube with the submission carried out through a cut/paste of the YouTube URL directly onto the entry form OR drag and drop the video directly onto your Registration Page.   

Judges’ Critiques and Awards Details:

  • Each entry will receive a thorough audio/video critique from three different judges. Scores and judges’ critiques can be found in your Registration Portal under “View Competition Results.” Click scores to hear judges’ critiques.

  • Awards will be announced through a Virtual Awards Ceremony. Physical awards will be mailed.

Scholarship Details:

  • All competing entrants may apply for scholarship consideration; however, any entrant applying for scholarship consideration is required to compete at least 1 Solo in addition to submitting a Scholarship Class.

  • Audition Fee (per dancer): $35.00

  • Administration of scholarship opportunities will be based on a set of formal Classical Ballet exercises provided by California Dance Classics. Appropriate exercises will be set according to age group. A link to your designated exercises will be sent upon request. Email: Include student name, age, and studio.

  • Exercises will need to be uploaded to YouTube. Submission will be carried out through a cut/paste of the YouTube     URL directly onto the entry form.

  • Submitted videos must be recorded in a studio.

  • Please film HORIZONTALLY!

  • Appropriate Classical Ballet attire must be worn.

  • Videos should include: full shot of dancer’s body at all times and unedited takes of each exercise without                   adjusting camera position between exercise sides (so both front and back view of dancer can be seen).

  • All videos must be uploaded by November 4, 2024.

Participants can enter as Independent or with their Studio.


In the event that a prize winning soloist performs multiple times in the same section, only the participant’s highest score will be awarded a prize.


If applicable, the performing student’s teacher or coach is responsible for obtaining any required choreographer’s and/or musical releases and is responsible for the payment of any required royalties.


CDC reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of a participants’ performance during the competition for promotional purposes.


CDC reserves the right to restrict the number of times a student may perform.

CDC reserves the right to refuse any registration at its discretion.

CDC reserves the right to refuse participation at will.


There are no refunds for any fees paid. Consideration may be made for Medical/Injury with the Doctor’s Certification in writing. Merchant Service Fees cannot be refunded.


CDC may amend rules and regulations.


Amirian Ballet Academy                                                           

Alice Chow Ballet                                                                     

Aotearoa Art Academy                                                             

Asia Ballet Academy                                                                

Ballet Arte                                                                                

Belle Ballet School                                                                  

Boyd Dance Academy                                                               

Break-Thru Dance Academy & Co                                             

Carousel Dance Studio                                                             

Coastal Dance Centre                                                               

Dance Theatre Arts Philippines                                                

Eborall Melville De Witt Ballet Studio                                      

Evergreen School of Ballet                                                       

Everybody Dance                                                                      

Flamboyant Ballet School                                                        

Golden State Ballet Academy                                                   

Hao Expression                                                                         

Huntington Academy of Dance                                                 

Julie Kemp’s School of Dance                                                 

Kirkwood Academy of Performing Arts                                    

Marat Daukayev School of Ballet                                             

Marlupi Dance Academy                                                           

Melbourne Academy of the Arts                                               

Neli  Beliakaite’s Baltic Ballet Academy                                    

Peninsula School of Performing Arts                                       

Poirier Productions                                                                   

Premiere Studios                                                                      

Pro Arte Centre                                                                         

Projection Dance                                                                      

Pryntsev Ballet Academy                                                         

Queen City Ballet                                                                      

Rogerson College of Classical & Contemporary Dance           

Rogerson Elite Classical Training                                             

School of Philadelphia Ballet                                                   

South Bay Dance Center.                                                          

Southern California Dance Academy                                       

Studio Croix                                                                              

The Dance Studio of Fresno                                                     

The Premier Ballet School of Orange County                           

Tustin Dance Center                                                                 

Victoria Ballet                                                                           

Xinglei Dance School                                                                

Yoko's Dance & Performing Arts Academy                              

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